Happy new year 2015! – 今年の抱負は?
Happy new year 2015! - Have you made new year's resolutions?

2015年 新年あけましておめでとうございます。

年末、支援先であるARK(Animal Refugee Kansai)の丹波篠山サンクチュアリを訪ねました。設立者であるエリザベスさんが迎え入れてくれて、施設の案内をしてくれました。膨大な敷地には大きなドッグランがあり、眺めていると、そこにエリザベスさんが植えたBritish Oakの木を見つけました。まだまだ小さな苗木なのですが、エリザベスさんがふとその苗木を撫でながら「10年20年後、この木が大きくなって枝木が広がれば、この木の下で来る人たちが休めるでしょう!」と笑いながら話しました。



ARK 丹波篠山サンクチュアリ 寄付はこちらから





Happy new year 2015! We hope this year will be even more prosperous and joyful for you all.

I visited ARK (Animal Refugee Kansai) in Tanbasasayama in the end of year. VEGANIE will support ARK financially from our annual profit. They are constructing a new beautiful sanctuary for dogs and cats that don’t have home. A founder Elizabeth welcomed us and kindly guided us all over this facility.
There was one British oak tree planted lately in a big dog run. It was a still tiny baby oak tree and I wondered why such a tree is placed in center of the dog run. Elizabeth said “In 10 or 20 years, people can have a rest under this tree.” then she smiled to me.

I am very occupied with my daily work, how many people can think or imagine about the day after 10 or 20 years later when you don’t know if you will be living at that time. It is quite difficult thing but this experience made me think about future in new year’s day stopping looking down on computer and mobile.

What is your new year’s resolutions? My resolution is “Communicate” and “Laughing troubles away”. There are lots of problems of poverty,environment and dispute that we can not laugh over but I want to step forward and make a action without taking time for giving them endless sympathy. It is said that dreams come true when you write down or telling to someone. I pray that your wishes will come true.
However I think we should not forget that we can live happily without achieving any target or goals!